Education Options for Charlottesville Au Pairs


To satisfy the Au Pair education requirement set forth by the Department of State:

  1. An Au Pair must ensure the class is through an ACCREDITED post-secondary U.S. institution. Check with your agency representative (LCC, community counselor, etc.). It cannot be through an adult learning school or high school.
  2. It CANNOT be online. The exception is the Au Pair in America Department of State approved online program. If you’re an APIA au pair I would recommend this class: it’s 6 credits, costs only $500, and is done on your own time over 1 semester (fall or spring).
  3. All Au Pairs must obtain the equivalent of 6 credit hours in order to successfully complete the program and satisfy their J-1 visa requirement. The Department of State allows the individual agencies to determine the equivalent of 6 credit hours. See below.

Au Pair in America: 6 credits = 80 hours (does not accept CEUs)

Cultural Care Au Pair: 6 credits = 72 hours; 6 credits = 6 CEUs

EurAupair: 6 credits = 72 hours

Au Pair Care: 6 credits = 60 hours

ProAupair: 6 credits = 60 hours

Education Options for C’ville area Au Pairs

  • University of Virginia
    Au Pairs must pay out of state tuition costs. There is no reduced rate for auditing a course. Current pricing for UVA out of state is $864-1,350 for 1 credit. There are slightly more affordable options through UVA (see below). Click here for current class offerings. You will need to contact the professor of the class you wish to audit to ask permission to attend his/her class prior to registering through the University registrar. While Au Pairs have unofficially audited UVA classes in the past, this is against UVA policy and many professors are no longer allowing students to “sit in” or unofficially audit their class.
  • University of Virginia Multiskills English Class
    This is a non-credit course for 40 hours of instruction that is equivalent to 3 credits. Cost is $283 (40 hours) and $236 (20 hours). Usually held every Spring and Fall on Monday and Wednesday mornings 9-11am or 11:30-1:30pm. Click here for more information and registration. Be sure to complete the online interest form and attend the inital assessment.
  • University of Virginia SCPS Personal Enrichment Courses
    NO LONGER OFFERED beginning Fall 2016 🙁
  • Piedmont Virginia Community College
    Must pay out of state rate, which is at a current rate of $342.75 per credit. This would mean $1,028.00 for 3 credits. Click here for more information.
  • Piedmont Virginia Community College Workforce Services
    Non credit courses are offered through PVCC’s Workforce Services. These are in CEUs. 1 CEU = 1 Credit (for Cultural Care Au Pairs). Subjects range from Photography to Marketing to Small Engine Repair. Classes are typically held on weekends and evenings. Click here for more information.
  • Mary Washington University
    This accredited post-secondary school is located in Fredericksburg, VA. It is approximately a 2 hour drive from Charlottesville. It is included in the CvilleAuPair list because some Au Pairs live far north of Charlottesville, if not in Culpeper. The $30 per credit rate to attend a University course is appealing to some Au Pairs. Most of the courses that are available to audit are during the week (NOT WEEKENDS). Click here to view the courses available to audit and for additional instructions. You must complete the Audit Application and Registration form. Au Pairs should bring their visa to the non-degree registration days that are held prior to spring and fall semesters. If you have a Bachelors equivalent degree from your county you may be able to register for a graduate level course, but you will need permission from the professor.
  • Weekend/Travel Courses
    When choosing a weekend travel course, ensure that the college or university is accredited. If there is any question, please confirm with your LCC/Agency prior to registering. Weekend courses appeal to some Au Pairs who use the opportunity to “piggyback” vacation/travel to the area where the course is held. For example, Silver Bay Au Pair Course is held in Las Vegas, NV. Some weekend courses, such as AuPair Weekend allows an au pair to complete all 6 credits over a long weekend. These weekend courses do not include the cost of travel or lodging. However, some weekend courses have deals with nearby hotels/hostels that can provide lodging and transportation to and from the airport. Meals are often included at an additional cost. University of Richmond’s courses typically provide only 30 hours. To obtain the additional 6 hours click here or talk to the professor. See below links for more information and registration.

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