Just like in the movies…sometimes there are spoilers ;P Nevertheless, we, especially Levi, were surprised to open our front door to see Val standing there with Bodo’s bagels in hand. For those of you that know our family, I’m sure you are very aware of who Val is to us. For others, Val is our former Au Pair from Germany. She lived with us just shy of 2 years; caring for our children and becoming a permanent fixture in our hearts. Outside of our video calls, we haven’t seen Val since June 26, 2015.


Approximately 1 week ago, I started hearing things on facebook and in the community about a rumor that Val was coming to visit. This weekend, I noticed on facebook that she checked into WestBedford, UK (apparently, she forgot to turn the facebook feature off at that point). Several people approached me over the weekend asking me if she was in town. Of course, I didn’t know for certain, but assumed she had not told us of her plans because she was hoping to surprise us. I could have contacted her myself, but didn’t want to spoil the surprise. Afterall, she knows our home and our routine so little coordination is needed to carry out a surprise…just tight lips ;P

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This morning at 7am, I mention that I’m going to make waffles for breakfast. My husband stops what he is doing, pauses, and then proceeds to tell me that breakfast is en route. Of course, at this point I realize that he knows about the “surprise” too. In fact, the only two people in the house that have no clue about our “surprise” guest are the boys…even Malaurie, our current Au Pair, was aware. So when the doorbell rang, I yelled for Levi to answer the door. He runs down the stairs and opens the door. He gave her a long look while slowly opening the front door. Then he stood there in awe and somewhat perplexed. Val reached down to hug him and of course, at that point, he graciously returned the hug. Levi was surprised. Jude seemed equally confused, but quickly warmed up to Val being among us again. By the time we all sat down to share the Bodo’s she brought us, it felt like she had never left. Where do 6 months go?


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    1. No worries 🙂 I told Val next time she should not tell anyone and just take a cab from airport to the front door. It’s great spending time with her again…surprise or not so surprised.

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