Where the Hoos of Hooville Eat.

Due to an overwhelming number of restaurants, bakeries, coffee houses, etc. I decided to list some of my favorites as well as those that might appeal to Au Pairs. Of course, I can always add. At most dining establishments one is expected to pay 15% tip on top of a 4% food tax. One will find tip jars at coffee houses, but leaving a tip is entirely optional. Very few establishments take reservations in Charlottesville. Expect to wait, or come early. Of course, at some of these establishments, one can expect to pay less than $8 (coffee, ice cream, bagel, etc). The price coding is more accurate for the price of a meal. View your dining choice online for more information and hours of operation.

-$$ (one can expect to spend 8-30 dollars, not including alcohol) 

$$$+ (one can expect to spend easily more than $30, not including alcohol)


  1. Bodo’s Bagels (authentic to Charlottesville, several locations)
  2. The Nook (authentic to Charlottesville, 50’s American Diner)
  3. Citizen Burger Bar (gourmet burger bar)
  4. Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint (burgers.)
  5. Fellini’s (Charlottesville original, Italian fare)
  6. Zocalo (Latin-American cuisine)
  7. Blue Grass Grill (Best Breakfast/Brunch in town-my opinion, authentic to Charlottesville)
  8. Shebeen (South African fare, Charlottesville original)
  9. The Flat Takeaway Creperie (hole in the wall crepe place)
  10. Christian’s Pizza (Charlottesville original, several locations)
  11. Tea Bazaar (tea house, light fare, hookah bar)
  12. Timberlakes Drug Store and Pharmacy (Old Fashion Soda Fountain and American eats)
  13. Whiskey Jar (Southern American fare, authentic to Charlottesville)
  14. The Alley Light (French shared plates and craft cocktails in a speakeasy like atmosphere)
  15. Marco Luca (Asian Dumplings)
  16. Mudhouse Coffee
  17. Splendora’s (Charlottesville original Italian Gelato, creative flavors like cucumber mint)
  18. Chaps (home-made ice cream, Charlottesville original)
  19. Blue Light Grill (seafood and raw bar)
  20. Rapture (American fare, pool and darts)
  21. Red Pump Kitchen (upscale Italian)
  22. Revolution Soup (Soup and Sandwiches)
  23. Monsoon Siam (Thai)
  24. Melting Pot (Fondue)
  25. C&O Restaurant (upscale American)
  26. Mono Loco (Latin)
  27. Commonwealth Restaurant and Skybar (American)
  28. Now and Zen (sushi, vegetarian and vegan
  29. Hamilton’s (upscale American)
  30. Bang (Asian Tapas)
  31. Bizou (French Inspired American, upscale, but casual)
  32. GRITS (breakfast and coffee house)
  33. South Street Brewery (American)
  34. Champion Brewery (beer house)
  35. Escafe (American)
  36. Yearbook Taco (Mexican and beer)


  1. Orzo (Mediterranean)
  2. Maya (Southern American)
  3. Feast (grocery and lunch menu…always something to sample)
  4. Sweet Haus (cupcakes, candy, and coffee; play area)
  5. World of Beer (American, German pretzel with beer cheese)
  6. Oakhart Social (American)
  7. Public (Fish and Oyster Raw Bar)
  8. The White Spot (home of the GUS burger, authentic Charlottesville)
  9. LittleJohn’s (New York Delicatessen)
  10. Take It Away (Sandwiches)
  11. Ace Barbeque and Bisquit (Isn’t it obvious?)
  12. Arch’s Frozen yogurt (Charlottesville original fro yo)
  13. MellowMushroom (Pizza)
  14. Boylan Heights (University student scene/burgers)
  15. Shenando Joe (coffee house)
  16. Bodo’s Bagels (Authentic to Charlottesville, several locations)
  17. Christians Pizza (Charlottesville Original, several locations)
  18. Blue Moon Diner (American 50’s Diner)
  19. Continental Divide (Mexican)
  20. Kebab and Curry (Indian, Middle Eastern fare)
  21. Para Coffee (Coffee House)
  22. Ginkgo (Chinese)
  23. West Main (A Virginian Restaurant, Authentic Charlottesville)
  24. Mona Lisa Pasta (fresh pasta for take out)
  25. Mc Grady’s Irish Pub (Irish-American Bar)


  1. Lampo (Authentic Italian Pizza)
  2. Belmont Barbeque
  3. The Local (American)
  4. Mas (Spanish Tapas)
  5. Tavola (Italian)
  6. La Taza (Latin American, Coffee House
  7. Spudnuts (Authentic to Charlottesville, I ate these donuts as a kid)

Fry Spring

  1. Fry Spring Pizza Kitchen (American)
  2. Atlas Coffee (coffee house with home made bake goods-nutella cookie
  3. Guadalajara (Mexican, numerous locations throughout Cville)

Ivy Road

  1. Vivace (Italian)
  2. Zazus (American wraps and salads
  3. Ivy Inn Restaurant (American, upscale)
  4. Fardowner’s (upscale American, approximately 15 minutes from Cville)

Barracks Road

  1. Chipotle (Mexican)
  2. Hot Cakes (small gourmet, bakery)
  3. Panera (soups, sandwiches, bakery)
  4. ZinBurger (wine and burger)
  5. Aromas (Mediterranean)
  6. Ben & Jerry’s (ice cream)
  7. Peter Chang China Grill (Authentic Chinese)
  8. Greenberry’s (light fare and coffee house)
  9. Zoes Kitchen (Mediterranean)
  10. Tara Thai (Thai)
  11. Zzaam Fresh Korean Grill (Korean)
  12. Bodo’s Bagels (Authentic to Charlottesville, several locations)
  13. Sedona Taphouse (American)

Stonefield/Hollymead/29 North

  1. Burton’s Grill (American)
  2. Noodles and Company (Noodles)
  3. Travina Italian Kitchen (Italian)
  4. Pasture Q (Southern American)
  5. Parallel 38 (Mediterranean)
  6. Cyclone Anaya’s (Mexican)
  7. Baja Bean Norte (Mexican)
  8. Red Lobster (Seafood)
  9. Rhetts River Grill and Raw Bar (American)
  10. Plaza Azteca (Tex-Mex)
  11. Outback Steakhouse (American-Australian)
  12. Taste of China (Authentic Chinese)
  13. Timberwood Grill (American)
  14. Blue Ridge Cafe (American)
  15. Flaming Wok & Tappan Yaki (Chinese/Japanese Steak House)
  16. Bamboo House (Korean, approximately 20 minutes from Cville)
  17. Bonefish Grill (American)
  18. Bavarian Chef (Authentic German, located in Madison, approx. 30 minutes from Cville)
  19. Starbucks (coffee house)

Pantops/McIntire/Woolen Mills

  1. Cville Coffee (coffee house, play area)
  2. Great Harvest Bread (bakery, sandwiches, play area)
  3. Carpe Donut (Authentic Charlottesville apple cider donuts)
  4. Tip Top (Mediterranean, American)
  5. Lazy Parrot Grill (American)
  6. Christian’s Pizza (Charlottesville original, several locations)
  7. Guadalajara (Mexican, several locations)
  8. Firefly (American)
  9. Beer Run (wide selection of beer, American fare)
  10. La Michoacana (Mexican)


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